ZONE was founded in 2001 in Gothenburg, Sweden. From the very start ZONE has been a brand with focus on trendy designs and cutting edge technology. The objective for ZONE is to continuously strive for development and improvement of the products as well as providing attitude in the sport. ZONE shall offer the best choices for customers with regard to fashion, attitude and design. Important years for ZONE through out the history have been many, such as the Z.I.P blade taking the market by storm 2001, the launch of the PIRAYA series at 2004 as the first brand to make child-adaptive sticks, our innovative one-piece grip in 2006 and the ground breaking AIR sticks, being the lightest stick in the world. Our way or now way.


ZONE has since the start in 2001 grown to be a strong international brand with distribution to over 40 countries worldwide. Our head office is located in Mölnlycke, south-east of Gothenburg, Sweden, and we have branch offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Chur, Switzerland, Luzern, Switzerland and Greven, Germany. ZONE has a large number of stars in it’s team such as Patrik Malmström and Daniel Calebsson. We also work with some of the best teams, like Pixbo Wallenstam, FC Helsingborg & Happee Salibandy. This year we release our largest AIR series ever made, our largest TeamWear collection ever and the new blade ZUPER.


ZONE is always looking for the next trend, and the future looks bright. Right now we have some interesting new product areas in the pipeline which will take the brand even further, and provide our product range with a wider set of products. Our goal for the coming years is to continue being an innovative brand with focus on fashion, quality and attitude. When you see a new ZONE product you can be sure that it will always be something special. We will work harder and harder with giving our customers inspiration in their day of floorball. Ordinary things are for others.


The objective for ZONE is to continuously strive for development and improvement of our products, but we also have a responsibility towards the market in creating high quality products. We are famous for our shaft quality and our AIR sticks are now sold all over the world setting high demands our there year by year. At our head office in Mölnlycke we have different test machines providing us with important data on how to improve our shafts even further, and a unique set up for ZONE is that our shaft factories have the same machines at their place for optimal testing results.



ZONE is a innovative brand, always looking for the new hi-tech innovations to implement in our product range. We search the sports market and other innovative markets for new adaptions in our product range and we have a stategic work together with our teams and players with the mission to improve our products in the right way. Examples of these innovations are the Aero Hole Technology shafts invented for less air resistance, the PIRAYA blade created to suit younger players and the AIR CONCEPT sticks with the lightest materials on the market today.

We have one department in Sweden constantly working with product development, new product areas and new materials giving us important manpower in this area. Together with our QC-team in China, our quality control system in Sweden & our partners/universities we always strive for a continuing development of our product range.

From our partner SWEREA we receive important information about what substances and materials that can be used in our work to keep the products safe and of high quality. This is always in focus when we create inventions, improvements and new product areas for the floorball business. Based on this, we always make sure that our products follow the REACH chemical law. Materials like fur, goose down, leather with dangerous chemical content do not exist in our products.





CURVE 1.0°




CURVE 1.5°



CURVE 2.0°



CURVE 3.0°






The most interesting and eye-catching color of the season. Added on products, on marketing and details. All packed into one icon.


The most exclusive, light and resistant carbon fiber material we’ve ever done made of 100% carbon fiber.


All our shafts 18/19 are made by hand giving us light and well balanced sticks.



At ZONE we work every day to take our responsibility in the global business world. Things like environment, human rights and corporate social responsibility are ground stones in our work every day. Through long-sightedness and good communication – we strive to be a well-prepared partner in the floorball business.

Our business shall be run with a maintenance of economic, social and environmental focus. As one of the leading floorball brands in the world we have a responsibility to our customers, both individual persons and big establishments, to have a straight and open communication.

ZONE owns no factories, and all products are made by external partners in Europe and in Asia. All partners are carefully selected with our responsibility in mind. They are all evaluated thoroughly to make sure that they live up to the necessary standards concerning areas such as child labour prohibition, work conditions and environmental impact. Below, you will find a description of the different institutions we co-operate with.